Miracle Foods that help boost immunity instantly

Today, some of us are in the fear of catching the deadly virus as it is still spreading at alarming rates. Staying positive and keeping our bodies healthy is the need of the hour. This is no time to panic. We fall sick mainly when our immunity levels are down. When our immune system is weak, our body is left with less power to resist or fight the attack of microbes. So today, I am going to run you through a few essential food ingredients that can be included in your daily diet to help boost immunity naturally. At the end of the article, I am also going to include a few of my favourite and effective (from personal experience) home remedies that have helped to increase resistance against infections. I hope this is helpful to all my readers and pray that all of you remain safe during these difficult times.


Rich in Vit C and completely packed with anti-microbial properties, lemon is a great lifesaver which when added to your daily diet works wonders. Vitamin  C is necessary for increasing your immunity. Also lemon aids in boosting body metabolism. Hydration improves when you drink lemon juice daily and your skin quality also improves. Regular intake of lemon juice helps keep kidney stones at bay also.


Turmeric has a component called Curcumin. This is the ingredient mainly responsible for the medicinal properties of turmeric. It boosts the immunity of your body highly. Also, turmeric greatly improves signs of depression and helps bring positive changes in Alzheimer’s patients. You can prevent heart disorders and is a great antioxidant. It also has antibiotic powers which help heal injuries and cuts. It is also a good anti-toxic agent. The list goes on and on.


This is a personal favourite of mine. Ginger is well known for its anti-microbial properties.  It’s hard to list the benefits of ginger as there is quite a lot. I will list down the most important ones below. Please note that ginger can be used raw or also as dry ginger (mainly used for the treatment of colds, cough and fever). Gingerol, the active component in Ginger is mainly responsible for its medicinal properties. This helps in curing nausea, morning sickness, muscle pain, osteoarthritis, muscle soreness, heart diseases and also lowers blood sugar. You get great relief from indigestion with regular intake of ginger. Taking dry ginger powder during your menstrual period helps relieve cramps and reduces your discomfort too.


Garlic has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties. It is highly nutritive and is used as a natural ingredient to lower cholesterol. Regular consumption of garlic helps to reduce your blood pressure too. Garlic contains the compound called Allicin which has great medicinal properties. Garlic has been used from ancient times to treat liver disorders, Tuberculosis, colic, dysentery, diabetes and many other ailments. Adding garlic to your cooking also increases the taste of the final cooked dish.


Honey is a natural medicine used in many home remedies. The natural healing power of honey is well known. Honey is full of antioxidants and has anti-bacterial properties too. It gives great comfort when consumed during a sore throat. The digestive tract also benefits from regular consumption of raw honey. The body metabolism also improves when you take honey with warm water early in the morning.

Black pepper

A great antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory food! Coming from a South  Indian family, I have always used Black pepper while cooking for the family. Black pepper is considered to be a magic spice which is used commonly in dishes. Pepper is effective in curing common colds, fever and throat infections. It is also carminative. Intestinal gas formation is reduced by the regular intake of pepper. Black pepper is also great when trying for weight reduction. But we’ll go into that in another post soon. Increasing your pepper intake has another advantage. The body gets rid of toxins as it gets warmed up and sweat more while having pepper.

Yoghurt or Curd

Yoghurt, as well as homemade curd, is full of probiotics. This means that it contains healthy bacteria which is good for your intestine. The presence of such bacteria help to aid in digestion and keeps the digestive tract healthy and strong. Include curd or yoghurt twice a week in your diet so that your digestive system becomes more immune and resistant to external infections.

Easy homemade cures to boost immunity

Lemon Honey Drink

This is an easy drink with huge benefits.  As we saw in the above list, both the ingredients are filled with Vitamin C and antimicrobial properties. The drink is an immunity-boosting mixture and also increases your body metabolism. Take this daily early morning or at bedtime to see positive changes in your body. It helps reduce body fat, eliminates toxins and detoxifies the body.

Turmeric and honey combination

This is a magic potion that has immense medicinal benefits. When the two products are mixed, you can speed up your rate of healing. The combination is a powerful immunity booster. Taken regularly keeps you safe and protected. More than a cure, it is used as a preventive for several diseases. This is also an effective skincare pack. The healing effects of both honey and turmeric help you cure several skin disorders and you attain clear, glowing skin.

Milk and Turmeric drink

Another elixir for health. Take a quarter glass of warm milk and add a little turmeric to it. Have this mixture just before your bedtime. It gives you great strength to fight most kinds of infections. Your respiratory tract also benefits immensely from having this regularly.

Ginger tea

Another superpower soothing drink. Just grate ginger into your boiling water and add your tea leaves. Then, as usual, you may consume this. If you prefer milk tea, you can add some boiled mil to the boiled water too. It soothes your throat and gives comfort to your digestive tract too. The properties of ginger keep your body and immune system in perfect condition.

Concluding note

I have compiled the above article based on personal experience. The post would be too long if I added the rest of the food components and recipes. So you can have more information about some other awesome immunity-boosting food ingredients in the next post. I hope all of you try and include these ingredients in your daily diet to increase your immunity power and keep yourself safe.

Do let me know if the article was useful. Waiting to hear from you …

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