A letter of hope……

Dear Friend

Hope you are doing well. Times are hard these days and people all over seem to be losing hope. They have lost their loved ones, some have been unemployed for so long, others have been in a constant state of uncertainty. I hope all of you are holding on, waiting for the happier days.

When your patience is tested, when you feel like giving up, pause for a minute. Take a deep breath and ask yourself to slow down. The only race you need to run is to improve the quality of life. And by the quality of life, I mean, the peace, satisfaction and joy you experience in life. Help others. Be kind to strangers. Do what you can to create magic in lives around you.

As you spread happiness around, do remember to take care of yourself too. Avoid people who mistreat you. Avoid situations which cost you your peace of mind. Avoid unnecessary stress. And most importantly avoid being present where your presence doesn’t make a difference.

Give and take joy, however, it comes. Don’t go looking for huge overwhelming experiences to be happy. Find joy around you in small moments.

Take a minute to be grateful for all you have. Yes, life cannot be entirely fair to you. I agree. But there is a ray of hope even in pitch darkness.  Find reasons to say Thanks to the Universe, thanks for being alive, thanks for your home, family, job. Be grateful for the breath of life that flows through your body.

Remember that failures will be followed by success. You need to know failures to rise above. You have to experience darkness and sadness to appreciate the light in your life. So stay strong, Failures will only strengthen you.

Be the light for your loved ones and make sure your flame thrives amidst the storm. You can do this. You were born for greatness. Stay hopeful even when your patience is tested.

Today as I sign off, I would like to pass on showers of love, hope and patience to each one of you. Stay strong and know that rainbows appear even after the heaviest storm. God bless you all to live your dreams. Be safe, be happy, be the Sun!

Love and prayers……

Published by Mini B

Mini is a Freelance writer who firmly believes that writing adds passion to life. She enjoys writing on various topics and is eager to continue learning and discovering new, exciting aspects. She is an Engineer by profession while being a busy mom of two boys with personal experience in maintaining work-home balance, parenting, home improvement etc. She pursues yoga, meditation and of course, reading in her free time. Her focus is to create optimised and SEO friendly content for her readers.

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