Body Fitness Goals- The Start Of A Clean Journey

*Step one:-Clean eating, that too ON time

A balanced diet is what you need to keep your body fit and healthy. Say no to extreme diets. Stop the race behind fad diets. Leave out the fancy shortcuts and fast solutions to weight loss. Take a look at how your body is responding to the diet you feed on. Are you feeling weak? Are you feeling fresh? Do you constantly feel hungry? Are you falling sick more often? The answers are right there in your diet.

More than often, people fall sick when their metabolism plays havoc. You tend to mess up with what you feed your body frequently and then run after the solutions.

Clean eating is the best way for healthy metabolic activity. Your body derives energy from the balanced meal you ingest for removing toxins within and other body functions. Proper digestion of food eaten is the best way to shed pounds.

Picture Courtesy :- Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

Remember that there are no quick fixes if you have not been on track for some time. Don’t hurry to lose weight. Start slowly and let your body adjust to the changes happening. When you remove junk food from your diet and increase your water intake, the body benefits immensely. Your skin starts glowing and though slowly, your health improves.

When you are healthy within, your external appearance starts shifting for the better. Combined with eating clean on time, you will start seeing remarkable change. Timely intake of food is yet another factor that is not taken seriously.  Make sure you prepare your home meals early enough to follow a routine daily. The time you have your food is equally important as the quantity.

Clean eating, controlled portions and timely meals- Start today with these baby steps. We have a long journey to continue. See you soon with the rest of the smart ideas to get a fit and healthy body!

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