The Super Heroes of Daily Life- The Covid Caregivers

As Covid is taking its toll on people all over the world, every household is on the brink of panic. No, I am not going to tell you about the dangers of this horrifying virus. You have had more than enough of that already. It’s all over social media every day. So what are we talking about today? Let’s take a slightly different approach.

It’s not only the Covid patients who go through severe stress and pain. Take a moment to think about the terrified family members who have to take care of the patients-The caregivers.

The emotional agony they go through is equally distressing. There are minutes of fear, which cannot be explained. When you know that the decision to save a loved one’s life is entirely in your hands, those long hours when you see them fighting against the odds to survive, the clock-ticking minutes when you are exhausted of searching for proper medical guidance and adequate treatment facilities- Those moments stay with you for many days to come.

So what do you do?  When you know you are the person responsible for making decisions when you have to be the person forgetting your own needs to make sure your family is safe when you try everything in your power to get rid of their pain, how would you manage?

Believe In Ultimate Guidance

You may be so exhausted with all the physical strain and emotional trauma that praying for long hours won’t be practical. So ask God or the Universe or the Infinite Source you believe in to guide you towards the right path. Trust that this guidance will reach you on time in the form of ambulances, doctors, oxygen cylinders, caring superiors who help you take decisions, family members who offer support, friends who buy you supplies and pass on cooked meals. You will know that you are taking the right decisions if you take a moment of silence. When in doubt, pray for the right guidance and it will come to you.

Switch Off Social Media

There are so many scary stories out there. DO NOT listen to such stories which mostly talk about death rates and complications. You are here to be brave and row your boat to safety. You may be in a constant state of tension and there is no need to increase your stress levels.

Avoid Unnecessary Personal Calls

 Yes, that seems rude, but it’s necessary. People tend to repeat Covid stories, especially the bad, sad ones that they know of. It’s human nature, the speaker may have a good intention, however, at this point, it affects your mental strength. And that’s not going to do you any good. It will deprive you of what little energy you have left. Filter who you should talk to, who you should not, who offers positive words and who offers you actual help.

Seek Guided Medical Attention

Do not wait for emergencies. Keep in constant touch with a doctor who is ready to help at all times. Inform him/her that you would want to call them for online consultations. Follow all their instructions. You will get advice from all sorts of sources. But, your doctor knows best. And only YOU know what’s best for your loved ones. So follow your gut.

Check the availability of hospital facilities if you feel there might be a need to admit any family member. Don’t keep thinking that someone will get all that done for you. You are in charge. You need to think about post covid care too.

If you are planning covid care at home, you have to make sure your doctor is available online when you need advice.

Do The Oxygen Check

 As far as I know ( Please note that I am no medical expert), what will help the most is keeping a regular check on oxygen levels. That is the best indicator of things going wrong. When there is a slight dip beyond what is required, do not hesitate to seek medical help.

Trust You Will Make It

This one is the most important. You have followed all medical instructions, you are taking the best care of everyone, including yourself, you are taking all the required precautions, now what? This virus takes its own time. But you are better than that. You keep your trust intact. You have asked for proper guidance and for sure, You will be provided with that. Just keep knowing that you are all going to be free of Covid soon. The next test results will prove that you defeated the virus!

A Special Reminder

Dear Readers, Get yourself and your loved ones vaccinated. Then even if you do contract the virus, the complications will be far less.

We are defeating the virus. The whole world is overcoming the Covid situation. We are celebrating our freedom once more. A big salute to all the caregivers who are doing their best to keep the world safe.

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Mini is a Freelance writer who firmly believes that writing adds passion to life. She enjoys writing on various topics and is eager to continue learning and discovering new, exciting aspects. She is an Engineer by profession while being a busy mom of two boys with personal experience in maintaining work-home balance, parenting, home improvement etc. She pursues yoga, meditation and of course, reading in her free time. Her focus is to create optimised and SEO friendly content for her readers.

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