Top Post-Covid Tips to regain your health

Hurray to you!  You have come a long way after a fight with the Coronavirus. You didn’t give in and fought against the odds. That’s something to be eternally grateful for.

Now it’s time to regain all the strength you lost. And the best way to do this is to follow a healthy diet and start mild exercises. What your body needs now is a simple diet with lots of nutritious food. Not spicy, not oily, not very sweet or salty.

While some of you have lost weight, others may have put on due to steroids and other medication. Not to worry… What you have to take care of is keeping your blood sugar levels under control. Also, avoid too much salt to keep your BP in check. Gradually you will be able to get your stamina back. Now let us get to the healthy diet tips after covid recovery that will assist your recovery.


  • Eat home-cooked meals which are warm and fresh
  • Include lots of salads in your diet
  • Increase your protein intake -have an egg daily!
  • Have lots of green vegetables with each meal.
  • Choose easy to digest food that boosts your immunity
  • Drink lots of water and keep yourself well-hydrated
  • Have a handful of healthy nuts daily
  • Take time to sip herbal tea or at least a glass of warm water
  • Consume a glass of milk or include curd /Yogurt in your diet
  • Keep a specified time for mild exercises- A peaceful walk for 30min is great for a start
  • Set time aside for breathing exercises- Pranayams in yogic breathing are an excellent choice

Don’t s

  • Spicy and oily food -A strict No
  • Sweetened food items -You don’t need them
  • Panic and Stress- Throw them Out

Forget Me Not

  • Keep a check on your oxygen levels for another month.
  • You need to take Vit C and Zinc supplements to keep yourself strong
  • Get adequate sunlight to increase your Vit D levels.

Star Tip of the Day

Consult your doctor and repeat your blood tests to confirm that everything is fine. Make sure to ask him about all the precautions to take after covid recovery.

A Secret weapon

Learn to focus on the present- Meditate daily to overcome your fearful experience.

The worst is over. It is now time to focus on getting better. Take support from your family and friends. You don’t have to do this alone. But only you can decide to make the best of this life. Keep smiling!

Published by Mini B

Mini is a Freelance writer who firmly believes that writing adds passion to life. She enjoys writing on various topics and is eager to continue learning and discovering new, exciting aspects. She is an Engineer by profession while being a busy mom of two boys with personal experience in maintaining work-home balance, parenting, home improvement etc. She pursues yoga, meditation and of course, reading in her free time. Her focus is to create optimised and SEO friendly content for her readers.

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