Soon You’ll breathe again

An excerpt from my poems in "The Quantum Leap"

Hold on, Precious Self for You still count, You still matter

It doesn’t seem so now, it may never feel so again.

Your trust is broken, your hope is lost, Your world has  fallen apart

All you’ve cherished has gone afar- But soon You’ll breathe again.

Rise above, Precious self- You need to be wise, not naïve anymore

For they don’t see you’re hurt, nor do they choose to see

All you believed in has lost meaning, all your prayers seem unanswered

The pain scares you, the memories haunt you-But soon You’ll breathe again.

Mourn all you want, cry out your deepest pain, you can and you should

Your soul needs time, away from the noise, to reflect on life, every bit of it.

Allow yourself to vanish from sight, hidden away to be alone

The scars will remain, the hurt will linger -But soon You’ll breathe again.

Its time to believe in your worth, its time to realise you deserve the best

A whole new world is waiting for you, Shine fiercely and be your person.

You are still standing, brave and strong, unwavering amidst all your battles,

You are the sun, You are the centre, And Soon You’ll breathe again.

Published by Mini B

Mini is a Freelance writer who firmly believes that writing adds passion to life. She enjoys writing on various topics and is eager to continue learning and discovering new, exciting aspects. She is an Engineer by profession while being a busy mom of two boys with personal experience in maintaining work-home balance, parenting, home improvement etc. She pursues yoga, meditation and of course, reading in her free time. Her focus is to create optimised and SEO friendly content for her readers.

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