Acceptance Is Your True Strength

The serenity prayer speaks the truth. It says:-

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.”

Being able to accept what this moment brings makes you a powerful being. You may or may not like what is happening. The power lies in being able to accept the situation as it is. Life offers you a variety of options each time. You can either accept life as it comes and faces the challenges bravely. Or you can also try to change things under your control. However, sometimes, things happen that are beyond your control.

What would you do then? Complain? Cry? Struggle? Do all that you have to. Put in your efforts so that you know that you have given it your best shot. But then learn to know when to stop. Learn to know when it is time to accept a situation for what it is. Know the difference between what you should accept and what you should let go.

Take the leap of faith and trust that you are strong enough to stand up to challenges. Use your physical and emotional energy in directions which are meant for you. Accept what you cannot change to give your mind peace and calmness. What you can do is to change yourself for the better. Instead of focussing on something that you do not control, bring in all that energy and make a difference in your own life. 

You can do so many things with all the time you have. The world is full of new opportunities. Discover your hidden talents. Nurture your hobbies. Smile more, dance with the breeze, sing along with the birds. Take life lightly. There’s more to this fantastic life than you think. So cheer up, you will find your rainbow!

Published by Mini B

Mini is a Freelance writer who firmly believes that writing adds passion to life. She enjoys writing on various topics and is eager to continue learning and discovering new, exciting aspects. She is an Engineer by profession while being a busy mom of two boys with personal experience in maintaining work-home balance, parenting, home improvement etc. She pursues yoga, meditation and of course, reading in her free time. Her focus is to create optimised and SEO friendly content for her readers.

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