My top five techniques to keep calm amidst the chaos

At times, life turns completely crazy and spins in confusing directions. There is chaos everywhere. All of us could do with a superhero in such instances. But how many of you know that you can take control of the situation, Of course,not the external one, we are talking about how you respond. You can face any challenge and overcome difficulties by practicing a few proven techniques .Give yourself some space and start believing in yourself. You have the power to unleash the solutions you are searching for.

Create your own garden of peace

The human mind is a great tool, a powerful one too. The influence your thoughts have on your life is more than you can imagine. All of us have certain dominant thoughts that lay around in our minds constantly. You may be engaged in an activity, however, if you check, you will find that the mind keeps returning to those thoughts whenever possible. So keep thinking positive. The more you focus on good things, happy events- the more positive things you experience. You can create your own garden of peace in your mind. Imagine a calm, serene atmosphere with fresh smells and a lot of abundance in nature. The picture need not be the same for all. If you are not a nature person, think about a place that gives you a lot of peace. Visit this place when your mind gets disturbed. Feel and inhale peace surrounding you.

Keep still as you  focus on the task on hand

For most people, doing one thing at a time is difficult. It feels like wasting time while concentrating on only one thing. Most people are experts in multi-tasking. That’s what they have learnt to do to manage a lot of things. However, in the long run, this becomes stressful and tedious. While smart multitasking enables us to complete our daily tasks effectively, it also takes a toll on our emotional, mental and physical health. So once in a while, learn to take a break. Just try doing one thing at a time. If you are working on an official report, do just that. If you are teaching your kid, concentrate on that. Likewise, every little task for that day should be done slowly and calmly. It makes a huge difference to take one day off from all that hustle and enjoy doing one thing at a time.

Practice gratitude and prayer

Even during the worst times in our lives, there is always something to be grateful about. This is not just an age-old sentence that you have read or been advised about. It is a fact. There is an unlimited source of energy or strength that some of us call God, others may call it The Universe as well. Tap into that source. You may be overwhelmed with worries and can be completely tensed. However, there will be one small thing that you can always be grateful for. It is up to you to realise that gratitude always fills your heart with strength. Being grateful for the smallest things is a silver lining on any dark day. If you don’t find anything at all, just be grateful that you are still breathing and have woken up that day. You get more to be grateful if you train your mind to keep saying Thanks!

Indulge in outdoor activities

There is nothing like a cool breeze to calm your senses. A long walk in solitude gives you the answers to many questions. Physical exercise or other outdoor activities release hormones that eliminate uneasy feelings. Once you exercise your body well, you will be more focused on getting better, both physically and mentally. Take some time off from your busy schedule, say 30 mins, to take a good run or have a long walk. Join a gym or a yoga class and give yourself the benefit of a daily healthy routine. This gives you great results in your appearance and mental well being.

Vent out to a true friend

Everyone has at least one person whom they consider as a true friend. It could be your partner, your parent, a sibling, a close friend, a mentor or anyone who makes you feel safe. Someone who doesn’t judge you. Talk to such buddies. Vent out your feelings and let them know what you are going through. Feeling demotivated and being in low spirits is not unusual. Don’t keep it to yourself. If you don’t want to speak it out, just hang out with your friend. Spend time talking about any other topic. Watch a movie together, go for walks or even better- go have some of your favourite snacks! Distracting yourself and paying attention to what your friends have to say is a great way to heal yourself. A cup of coffee and a hearty chit chat may be all you need to push away those negative thoughts!

Concluding note

When life gets crazy, take a step back. Let the chaos run its course. Know that you can stay calm and stable even when nothing is going your way. Keep up the right attitude and focus on the good aspects of life. When life pushes you against the wall, stay alert and check how you respond. It is easier said than done, however, give it all you have. Turn your life around by choosing your thoughts and focusing on the good!

Welcome to ‘Love your life’

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

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